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Aggressive, white-glove recruitment for Jewish day schools



We visit campus to create good will among stakeholder groups, build networks for the future, and collect information for the search. We use data-driven tools and processes to ensure that your deliverables are the best available.

Aggressive search

There's no other word for it: we look for every available candidate around the world in every corner. We advertise in novel ways and old-fashioned ones. As we are not members of your community, we utilize influencers in your community to help sell your community to top candidates.

Facilitation and follow-through

On site, on video, and online, Atid Services is there with your search committee, board, and incoming hire for the first year. We provide additional support as needed to ensure a successful transition and start, and we guarantee our work for one year.

Other Services

In addition to our search services, Atid also provides a number of related services
shown to strengthen enrollment and morale at Jewish day schools. 

Reach out to us if you are in need of support of any kind.


Building community

  • Building alumni databases

  • Building lively and positive Facebook communities of 200, 500, 1000, or more

  • Building LinkedIn pages

Leveraging stakeholders

  • Increasing parent morale

  • Increasing faculty morale

  • Increasing community perception

Board, transition, management, and communication support

  • Creating effective communication

  • Executing effective transitions

  • Building effective evaluation systems

  • Producing 360-degree evaluations